Zhongli Branch

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3F., No.296, Xizhou St., Zhongli District, Taoyuan City
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General  Transportation Site Map

Traffic Route to Zhongli Branch, Department of Taxation, Taoyuan:

  • Public bus:
      Take the Taoyuan or Zhongli No.1 bus, get off at the fish market stop, turn right in to Puyi Road and walk for about 3 minutes. Then, turn right in to Xizhou Street, and the Zhongli Branch will be reached.

  • On foot:
      From Zhongli Railway Station walk ahead, turning left in to Zhongzheng Road, turn right in to Yenping Road, and then turn right in to Puyi Road. Turn right in to Xizhou Street and Zhongli Branch will be reached.

  • By Car: 
      Get off the No. 1 highway (Jhongshan Highway) at the Zhongli exit (bound for Zhongli /Xinwu), drive along Mingchu Road Section 2, and then turn left in to Huangxi Road. Drive along Huangxi Road Section 2, get on to Huangbei Road (for about 3 kilometers), then get on to Puyi Road. Turn right in to Xizhou Street and the Zhongli Branch will be reached.
Zhongli Branch
Section Direct line Ext
Operator 03-4515111  
Land value tax 03-4514733 102~110
Fax 03-4514120  
Land Appreciation tax 03-4519336 202-212
deed tax 03-4519336 214~217
Fax 03-4515405  
Tax overdue management 03-4514200 402、403、405~409、411~413
Fax 03-4517478  
Vehicle License Tax 03-4519968 602-609
Fax 03-4519626  
House tax 03-4511012 305~310、315~316
Amusement tax   304
Fax 03-4515406  
Citizen service 03-4510385 502~503、509~510、512
Tax refund   555
stamp tax   505、518
Fax 03-4515147  
Toll free line: 0800-321172